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"What a really well written book. It held my interest from page one all the way to the end. Life for women was much different back then from what we experience today and this lovely fictional novel showcases it perfectly. It also shows the strength of the women during WWII and what they had to endure to survive without the men around to take up the slack.
When Colette meets and quickly marries an American intelligence spy and leaves her home and close knit family in France to live with her new husband in America she finds out quickly that her Papa was correct--this is not the man she thought he was. She has a child that her husband does not want and things go downhill quickly from there. Meanwhile she meets a handsome young neighbor, John Wu, an Oriental--there is an instant attraction but she is a married woman and he respects that. They become close friends and it is John who is always there for her and makes sure she has a way to support and protect herself and her son.
Meanwhile WWll is on and Colettes whole family back in France is involved in the Resistance movement. When her brother is taken prisoner by the Germans, her husband offers her services to help free him. Well she does! Then once home in America again she gets a letter telling her that her husband is divorcing her and marrying someone else.
John, who truly loves Colette jumps at the chance to marry her and to be a father to her son. His family tries to intervene--in the most despicable ways. The last couple of sentences of this marvelous novel tell me that just maybe there will be a sequel--I hope so--Michelina Vinter is one of those writers who can get a grip on you and never let go! Do not miss reading this book!!!"

     -  Michele Bodenheimer - Book reviewer: Miki's Hope.  http://www.mikishope.com 

" I had the pleasure of reading Colette by Michelina Vinter. I so enjoyed this thrilling story. Ms. Vinter kept me totally enthralled all the way though this fascinating storyline. There is plenty of drama and emotion that kept me turning pages quite quickly. 
Colette is one strong, brave, independent young lady that has a lot going on in her life. She thought she had met her Mr. Right and marries quickly. She finds out that maybe he isn't as perfect as he seems but she stays completely committed to her marriage. She has to brave life in America as foreigner while her husband is off working. She finds some very wonderful friends that help her and she in turn helps them as well. 
I don't want to give to much of the story away. I enjoyed Colette's friendship with Rose. I think this shows just how much a true, never ending friendship can mean, especially in trying in times. These two ladies certainly needed each other's support to lean on. I loved that they were there for each other. I found this to just be a really special bond.
Colette finally meets her one true love. It is an ever lasting love that stands strong through so many events. They have a lot to overcome in order to be together and some dangerous events that try to tear them apart. I loved this story! 
Ms. Vinter has created some very compelling, intriguing, fascinating characters that help an already interesting storyline to be even stronger. I loved her style of writing and I would certainly enjoy reading more of her work in the future. 
If you are looking for a fascinating story during the WW II era I think you should grab a copy of Colette. I think you will enjoy it, I know I certainly did.
I was given the opportunity to read and review this book to share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts."

     - Crystal Benedict - Book reviewer: Reviews by Crystal.  http://reviewsbycacb.blogspot.com/ 

"A lovely little love story, that infuses women's history with a sense of adventure. An excellent saga that portrays the French women who worked undercover as unsung heroes, to keep the Nazis at bay. Too little is written about the women who served in World War II.

The author transports us to a different time and place, WW II, with a lusty sense of the female spirit, oft-hidden during these times. An inspiring story that documents the war brides who gave up their homeland to come to the North American continent."

     - Jennifer Jilks - Author, Living and Dying with Dignity: A Daughter's Journey Through Long-Term Care.

"...Colette goes on her journey through the War and afterward, offering readers a novel full of romance, suspense and intrigue. There are twists and turns that make the plot a bit different than the usual war stories..."

     - Mary Lignor - Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

Excellent read!
"This book is a fascinating turn-pager! You will not want to put it down. Michelina Vinter provides a new spin on a WWII romance, in many ways the opposite of "Casa Blanca"... nothing is as expected and the woman is the heroine, more stable, strong, wiser and braver than most men around her in a time of crisis. I can't wait for the film to come out! Hollywood? Anyone home?!"
     - Stephanie - Amazon customer review.

Wonderful Journey!
"Colette's journey brought me to pre-WWII France, reminding me of stories my own grandparents told me. Set in both France and the U.S., she lives a great adventure of love, friendship and deception. Her character remains strong and genuine while the world around her is changing for the best and for the worst.
This book is a quick read, ideal for anyone wishing to take a trip with the very likeable Colette."
     - E Bouy - Amazon customer review

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
"The author's vivid style and her knack for telling stories transported me back in time to World War II and beyond. Colette is a great read, a page turner I would recommend to anyone in need of a good love story and a little adventure."
     - Nicole - Amazon customer review

Nice romantic story!
"Great love story! It Shows How love can conquer all! Both between Colette and John, together can change their destiny to whatever they want, against all odds. We don't see much of that anymore. Awesome book and glad I had the opportunity to read it! thank you Michelina! I give it two thumbs up!"
     - Juan A Sandoval - Amazon customer review.

Great book
"I Love It! It’s a really good book. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I give it five stars!"
     -Martha Curiel - Amazon customer review

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